Saturday, January 10, 2009

Little trip on the Pineapple Express-way and a Few More Games on my Shelf.....

Hello all! Yes I said I would post closer to my brithday, but hey a week after is close enough right?

Lately i've been out late at night with my friend almost everyday then working in the morning and afternoon, so i'm sorts of goddamn tired.

I've just started buying games a bit more lately. I used to always try and keep my game collection at a minimum, but lately i've been buying a few original Xbox games and DS games here and there. I now have about 60 games in my room, another 20 in my brothers room, 20 in the basement, and a few more hiding around.

So I could say my collection is going well.


Currently I added a few more games to my reservation list:

-Lord of the Rings Conquest (PS3)
-House of the Dead Overkill (Wii)
- Pokemon Platinum (DS)
- Guitar Hero: Metallica (Xbox360)

I'll also be reserving Brutal Legend (PS3) later on this year as well as MAYBE Dragon Age Origins.

I played the demo of LotR: Conquest on PS3 and had a ton of fun. But based on a huge majority of the comments on Kotaku regarding articles based on the demo alot of people hate the it and thought it was all sorts of horrible. Sure maybe half of those peoplehating on the game are just pissed that it isnt Star Wars Battlefront III; and I can't blame them if they felt that way because I myself would muuuuuch rather play a Battlefront III then these LotR-version. But hey time will slowly bring us what we want.

Anyway expect a more well constructed blog soon, since i'm a very busy person today obviously didnt have time to get my self...well...constructed lol. Now i've got Pineapple Express to finish watching before i head out to my band's gig!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Its been a while....

So here I am, after a month or so of ignoring any productive things I had going in my life (this being one of them). I was hoping that on my one day off work i'd be able to sleep in until at LEAST 12, but it seems that the sounds of zombies and dual-wielded pistols coming from my brother's room was a hint to get my lazy ass up at 11 am and start my day quickly.

So I suppose i'll just start off by listing games i've played/bought lately and my thoughts of them. I would try to go into detail, but unlike anyone reading this nonsense i've got food to cook and board meetings to go i'm a busy person!

Prince of Persia: (4 out of 5) I borrowed this from work simply cause I loved the art and graphics of the game. Like Assassins Creed its a bit repetitious but makes up for it in the climbing of walls and onnnn walls. And I enjoy nothing more the being able to run against walls in video games. The only thing I really didn't like was the fighting since it would go into a boring sequence of sorts and enemies were few and far between.

Call of Duty World at War: (4.5 out of 5) I Looooove this game. And yes, I love it more then Call of Duty 4. The graphics are great, the weapons are awesome, and Kiefer Sutherland and Gary Oldman do voiceovers. And if you know me you'd know i LOOOOOVE Kiefer Sutherland and Gary Oldman. As a girl thats how they reeled me into this game. How sneaky. At first I was very unsure about this game since it was going back to WWII and I had ENOUGH of WWII shooter games. But I gave in and I dont regret it one bit!! Online play is just as good at CoD4's and the one thing that sealed the deal for this game was the extra little game mode thrown in at the end. Nazi Zombies!!

Fallout 3 (5 out of 5): This game continues to be awesome, especially now that they patched it to get rid of the glitches and adding Trophies (on the PS3 version of course). And this patch has definitly given me more motivation to finish this game and start my second playthrough since I no longer have to grumble at the fact that the game freezes everytime i'd pick it up and play lol And the fact that the game will no longer pause whenever someone signs online or offline is a RELIEF since my friends on my friends list are always active and signing off and on all the time

Naruto: The Broken Bond (3 out of 5): Just like Rise of the Ninja this game is pretty interesting.....but it could only hold my attention for so long until i got bored. Luckily unlike Rise of the Ninja I could actually play the game pretty well without getting my ass kicked by random Ninja bandits. But its one of those games Naruto fans would enjoy, sadly i'm only a fan of Naruto Shippuuden, not this more childish nonsense.

MK vs DC Universe (2 out of 5): No. Its lucky I even GAVE it a 2 out of 5 (and only cause the graphics are pretty decent). But other than graphics the gameplay and fighting is slow, moves are boring no fatalities to leave me pleased, small character list, no unlockables, dumb storyline, and did i mentioned the fighting was SLOOOOOOOOOOW. Luckily I was smart enough to not buy this game and just borrow it from work. Ugh.


I've gotten and played a few other games here and there....mostly for PS2 though. I currently borrowed Left 4 Dead from my work, but of course my brother has been busy playing that so i've had no chance to play it myself (and probably will never get to play it). But from the couple minutes I watched him play it looks like a great game. And let me tell you, when it comes to creepy/scary things, NOTHING is creepier then the Witch in that game. Noooothing.

Yesterday I randomly decided it's time I bought Dance Dance Revolution for my xbox360 in the basement. I used to own DDR for PS2, but that being in my room and my room being above the kitchen, even the slightest footstep is loud. So you can only imagine how it would sound if I was playing DDR up here. But buying it for my xbox in the basement was definitly a great idea since i spend about an hour downstairs dancing myself to death.

Thank god for I can exercise the dorky gamer way. Yay exercise!

I suppose I wont be back on here until around my birthday (January 3) when I have a few more games to maybe talk about.

Games I've got Reserved:
- House of the Dead Overkill (Wii)
- Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection (PS3)
- Lord of the Rings Conquest (PS3)

Games they need to hurry up and put on the reservable list so I can goddamn reserve them:
-Guitar Hero: Metallica
-Brutal Legend

Sunday, November 2, 2008

So many games, not enough time!

I've recently started my game reviews for several games (FINALLY). But at the same time i'm stuck with trying to make room for work and playing the many games i've bought the past week or so. I promise to get my game reviews up soon (even if they are late i'll be relieved to know they are done).

I picked up my Collectors Edition of Fallout 3 tuesday and may i say this game is GREAT. I've honestly only had time to put in about 4-5 hours so far, but i cant wait to play it some more (i've already blown up a town in the short few hours i've played it. that alone is epic enough!). One reason i've played it so little is the fact that my brother has been hogging my PS3 since i got in the Resistance 2 BETA and he didnt. But its fun watching him play it and it looks like a great game (we've got the Collectors Edition on reserve now of course).
I've also recently added a white slim PS2 to my collection of systems which has also added to the MANY games i have to play now (most games on my "to Play" list are on my PS3).

I'll just leave you all on a quick note. Fallout 3 = a MUST buy. With that said, i bid farwell until i'm done those reviews or some news in the gaming world either gets me beyond excited or realllllly pissed off.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Many games to review, yet my mind is still on Fallout 3's release

For the past 2 weeks ive played a few new releases. Dead Space, Rock Revolution, and Silent Hill Homecoming. And naturally i should've had at least a few sentences about how each game and how i thought they faired. But of course i obviously have only THOUGHT of doing it and instead have left this blog empty and alone for the past couple weeks.

My excuse?

Fallout 3.

Sure sure it's not out yet, but with the reviews VERY slowly pouring in and the release date only days away, I cant help but be 99.9999% occupied by its presense. And all of you who know me know by now that i'm a huge fan of any game Bethesda Studios throws out to us hungry gamer beasts (my 100++++ hours wasted away in Oblivion as a prime example).

Of course the only thing that frustrates me is the fact that the Best Buy is Rockville is doing a HUGE midnight launch...and i wont be able to make it! One valid reason being i already have the collectors edition of the game reserved and paid off at my work. And another reason being I dont wanna have to take the metro back home at like 1 am. Have you been on the metro late at night? No good man, creepy people like to linger on 'em.


Another piece of info i've heard from Playstation Magazine is that the PS3 version of the game compares poorly to the Xbox version.

WHOA WHOA back it up for one second there. Now im glad Playstation is at least being honest with us consumers, but i highly doubt a bit of rough texture in the distance and on characters is going to faulter my views on the game. Yes i'm buying the game for PS3....and no i dont care at ALL if the game's textures are not as smooth and perty as Mr.Xbox's version over there. As I told a few of my friends, "I have bad eyesight, why the hell would I care???"

But on the other hand Official Xbox Magazine gave Fallout 3 a whooping 10/10. A perfect score?! My excitement for the game as now at an all-time high.

So what will i be doing until Fallout 3's release? I'll be pondering about how i'll NEVER get to write reviews any time soon for those other games i mentioned, I'll be picking up Guitar Hero: world Tour bundle from my work on Sunday and play the hell out of it until tuesday....and then when tuesday does come hope to GOD I dont have to work that day.

Cause nothing is more horrible then sitting me behind the registers at my beloved Gamestop on Oct.28 as people line in to get their copies of Fallout 3 while I have to sit there, stare at my reserved copy of the Collectors Edition, and mope about how i cant play it for another 5 hours cause i have to sit here and work. Trust me, those 5 or so hours will be complete torture.

Monday, October 13, 2008

More Fallout 3 goodness, only 2 weeks left!

I know almost allll i talk about and promote is Fallout 3. And of course i cant help it cause Bethesda Game Studios deserves every bit of my praise and promoting cause they are AWESOME. I'm still dreaming of the day i can at least see inside their headquarters, no matter how cool or boring it is....i must see it! Anywho here are some Fallout 3 goodies. I'll be working on a game review to post up this week. But until then you'll be gettin nonsense like this :)

The latest gameplay trailer:

A cool picture pack you can download:


So i kidnapped the launch packet for Fallout 3 from work just for the hell of it (plus i just wanted to read the trivia questions we had in it for if we had a Midnight LAunch, which sadly we wont....which is also the reason why i have the Fallout 3 Midnight Launch poster on my wall. Hee.) Anyway later tonight i'll be typing all the trivia questions on here along with the answers, just so you poor 'ol sods will learn a thing or two about games lol Cause you'd just end up searching it up or yahoo or whatever.

So here we go!

Q: Fallout 3 is part of a seris of "Fallout" games. Name the other past "fallout" hits:
A: Fallout Tactics, Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, Fallout 2

Q: Fallout 3 will be set in what year?
A: It will be set in 2277, 36 years after the setting in Fallout 2

Q: Who is the developer for Fallout 3?
A: Bethesda Game Studios

Q: How many "Tag Skills" can you choose as your characters specialties?
A: You can choose 3 out of 14 Tag Skills for your characters specialties

Q: What is the maximum power level that your character can achieve in Fallout 3?
A: Level 20

Q: What does "VATS" stand for?
A: The Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System

Q: Where was your character born and raised?
A: Vault 101

Q: Where is Vault 101 located
A: Washington DC

Q: What is the Clever Shrapnel Bomb made out of?
A: A Vault-Tec lunchbox and bottlecaps

Q: What was the date that marked the nuclear attack in The Great War?
A: October 23, 2077

There were more questions, but I didnt feel liek typing them all down. Plus i'm a busy person at the moment and dont have the time! Well, hopefully at least ONE person reads at least some of this and learns SOMETHING. lol

Friday, October 10, 2008

AnimeUSA and a little bit of Irony

Today was my long adventurous day to Crystal City, VA to the AnimeUSA convention. It was pretty nice, but compared to Otakon it was small. I picked up my badge and then went and had some food at Chilis to waste time (since i got there a couple hours early). First thing i did once it was 1 pm was paroozed around the Artist Alley (some people i remembered seeing at Otakon, one artist being the one who tempted horribly at Otakon with a shirtless Aizen print. And of course it was there today and i WANTED it). Then i went into one of the video rooms and watched the first 3 episodes of Soul Eater (which is AWESOME and i cant wait to watch all the other episodes online!). Once i was done there I noticed it was after 2, so the Dealers Room was open. There i spent the rest of my time trying to get as much as a could for what little money i had on me.

I noticed alot of vendors there today were from Otakon, the one I remembered most vividly and VERY well (since i hung around the table myself and bought stuff) was the guy vendor administoring Yaoi to giggling girls while yelling "HOOOOT FLAMING YAAAAAOIIIIIII"

HE was awesome.

I managed to get ahold of a few cool things, and for cheap. Got 2 volumes of Busou Renkin to add to my series and a volume of Bleach.

I also got these three things:

Ichimaru Gin plushie, Hisagi phone charm (to go with my Ichigo one ^_^), and my favorite thing i Vizard Ichigo figure. Now the best thing about that figure is that it came in one of those sealed boxes that was like a random surprise box. there were 6 characters and the one i wanted to get the most was Vizard Ichigo. So i slapped $10 on the table, picked up one of the boxes and left with a "Good luck!" from the vendor. Of course he gave me luck because i mentioned i wanted Vizard Ichigo the most and he said he was the hardest to find of the 6. Of course at that point i thought to myself how unlucky i am with these sort of things and how i'll probably end up with a damn Hitsugaya Toshiro figure >_<

So on the way home i opened the box, and peaked in. I saw the pieces (its a figure you put together by the way, sorta like a model) and noticed it was definitly Ichigo. "Good good, now to see if its the Ichigo with the Vizard mask or without. BETTER be the Vizard one"....and i saw the head and there it was, VIZARD ICHIGO. I never felt like such a nerd in my life but i was so HAPPY at that point. I took the risk by spending $10 to find the rarest figure and got it!



On a more off-topic note (but indeed more fitting for my blog), while on the metro i went through Metro Center Station and saw the massive amount of Fallout 3 promotion/advertisement stuff around. "Oh Bethesda Studios, arent you funny...i love you!" I just find it Ironic that DC promotes their Post-Apocalyptic catastrophe. I can just imagine how Bethesda came up to the people in charge of Metro to get their Fallout 3 advertisements in the station


Bethesda: hey hey, so heres the deal, we've got this new game and we want to promote it here.

Metro: Okay, this caaaan be arranged. What sort of game?

Besthesda: HA, well....its about....youre gonna think this is funny....its about D.C. right......going "booooooooooomPEEEEEEEEEEEEEWboooooooooooomCRAAAASH"

Metro: ?

Besthesda: And everthing gets destroyed and the survivors end up living in these vaults away from the big mutant zombie people monsters who basically are all around this post-apocalyptic D.C. which is like HELL on earth. And you play as this guy....and his a post apocalyptic D.C.!!!!.....did i mention that D.C. is post-apocalyptic???

Metro: Hmmmm.....sounds good enough! Stick those crazy advertisements everywhere!

What i wanna know is that if i go down into the metro stations in the game, will i be able to see those Fallout 3 advertisments that i saw on the walls and pillars today that hinted at our impending doom?

The answer BETTER be yes.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

This Week's Game Releases

So heres a few of the MANY games releasing this week. These are the "bigger" titles out of the bunch.

Oct.6th (Monday)

- Game Party 2 (Wii)

Oct.7th (Tuesday)
-Fracture (PS3, 360)
-NBA Live 09 (360,PSP,PS2,PS3)
-NBA 2K9 (360,PS2,PS3)
-Bleach: Dark Souls (DS)
-NBA Live 09 All-Play (Wii)
-NBA 09 The Inside (PSP, PS3, PS2)

So basically it's a week of NBA basketball-ness. Do I look foward to it?


Work will be lame x100. They are lucky Bleach:Dark Souls will keep me happy enough this week so my head wont explode from all the lame basketball.